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EtherCAT Adaptor

  • EtherCAT Network Adaptor
  • 100Mbps
  • 100BASE-TX(IEEE802.3)
  • RJ45 x 2 with LEDs
  • Max 100 meter
  • CoE, FoE Support
  • Free Run Mode (or DC)
제품 특징

- Fieldbus Specification

 Item Descriptions Remarks
 Protocol EtherCAT
 Communication Speed 100Mbps
Physical Layer 100BASE-TX(IEEE802.3)
 Connection RJ45 x 2 with LEDs (Inport/Outport)
 Transmission Medium Category 5 or higher with shielded Recommend
 Topology Daisy chain   
 Network length Max 100 meter   
 Node Addressing Auto(1~65536) or Rotary Switch(1-99)  
 Max Process Data Size
Input : Max 256 Words
Output : Max 256 Words
Max expansion unit 16
16 words per module
Service Data (Configuration) Max 256 words Max expansion unit 16 
Mailbox  CoE, FoE support   
Synchronization Free Run Mode (or DC)


- General Specification

 Item Descriptions Remarks
 System Power Supply
 Input Voltage  24Vdc (18Vdc ~ 28Vdc), Max 2A 24V step down regulation 
 lsolation  Non-lsolation  
 Field Power
 Input Voltage  24Vdc (21Vdc ~ 28Vdc)  
 Output  24Vdc, 10A Power Bus 
 lsolation 2500Vrms System/Field  
 General Specification
 Weight  105g  
 Dimensions(WxHxD mm)  40 x 71 x 95  
Operating Temperture  -20℃ ~ 60℃  
EMC immunity to interference   EN 61000-6-2  
EMC emission of interference   EN 61000-6-3  
Approval  CE, KC, NRTL   

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