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DeviceNet Adaptor

  • DeviceNet Network Adaptor
  • 125Kbps ~ 500Kbps
  • MAC ID 1~63 Select
  • Max 100~500 meter
제품 특징

- Fieldbus Specification

Item Descriptions  Remarks
Protocol DeviceNet ODVA Conformanced
Communication I/O Slave messaging(Group 2 Only Slave)
- Poll command : Y
- Bit_strobe command : N
- Cyclic command : N
- COS command : N

Speed 125Kbps, 250Kbps, 500Kbps and Auto-Baud Selectable from Rotary Switch
Network Length Max. 500 Meter @125Kbps
Max. 250 Meter @250Kbps
Max. 100 Meter @500Kbps

MAC ID  1~63 Selectable from Rotary Switch
Connection 5-Pole male Connector DeviceNet Standard
Cable Sheilded Cu Cable DeviceNet Standard

- General Specification

Item Descriptions Remarks
System Power Supply
 Input Voltage 24Vdc(18Vdc ~ 28Vdc), Max 2A 24V step down regulation
lsolation Non-lsolation   
 Field Power
 Input Voltage 24Vdc(21Vdc ~ 28Vdc) 
 Output  24Vdc, 10A Power Bus
lsolation 2500Vrms System/Field  
 DeciceNet Power
Input Voltage  24V Norminal 
Output 5Vdc(0.1A)  Power Bus
lsolation 2500Vrms System to DeviceNet 
General Specification
Weight 105g
 Dimensions(WxHxD mm)  40 x 71 x 95  
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃
EMC immunity to interference EN 61000-6-2
EMC emission of interference EN 61000-6-3
Approval CE, KC, NRTL

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